Friday, January 27, 2012

IDS: opening night party

The opening night party at IDS was fun, interesting and full of fabulous décor and design ideas!

This beautiful art piece is named "Peacock" and was made from one piece of Dupont Corian. Fantastic!
Designed by UUfie

Hauser never fails to impress with its beautiful, traditional and Canadian craftsmanship. 

The brushed gold on the chandelier and range hood from Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry 
is a very up to date and has an elegant look!

Karim Rashid was DJ'ing in "the cage" - he was so great! 

 Alfred Sung Outdoor had great patio furniture.

This room designed by Taylor Hannah is very fresh, exciting 
and of course has this years colour - orange!

Great art piece by 18 Karat has cool grays and a few pops of orange!

I absolutely love this space! This water fall table would be great to have on you patio if you were living in an urban condo and missed "your home and native land" by the water. Make this your serenity. 
Designed by Mason

Great pod for your pad!

Great rustic cargo containers are re-used as an urban "space". 
Each cubical has a room decorated by a designer. 

Continuing with the urban feel, the surrounding gardens are filled with vegetables and herbs 
making this a very sustainable living environment. 


  1. The show was so great this year! Looks like you also enjoyed yourself :)

  2. You+Peacock = Priceless art at its finest

  3. You are your mom look so much alike!


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