Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY decorating with candy canes

I love the classic red and white for the holidays and what better way to decorate than with candy canes! Below are some fun do it yourself ideas. Happy decorating!

Tie a candy cane to a present - tasty treat and lovely touch!

Tape candy canes around a vase - this really makes those red flowers pop!

This candy cane wreath is an adorable idea! Cut a piece of cardboard into a circle and glue gun candy canes and small christmas ornaments on top. Finish off with a big bow!

For a nice decorative touch, place a candy cane at each table setting at your dinner party. Not a bad idea to have little bowls of candy cane on the table for snacking!

Make your laundry room seasonal with these stripped clothes pins. Also a great idea to hang cards from.
Available on etsy

Add a little extra to your window by hanging candy canes from ribbon.

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