Monday, October 24, 2011

decorating with antlers

Hunting season has started so go crazy with your wall accessories. Liven up your home. I am no country girl but antlers are all the trend right now. If having the entire head is too much, try decorating with just the antlers - hang them on the wall or down the centre of a table. 

Finding a full deer head can be tricky so check out antique markets and ask the venders to keep their eyes out if they come across one in their travels.

This is one of my favourite bathrooms. The combination of wood and brick is so exciting.

Seen in House and Home in the July 2010 issue

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These 100% recyclable and made in Haiti animal subcultures can be found at West Elm.

Antlers found at Graham and Green 

Cardboard Taxidermy found at Urban Outfitters for $52

Deer and Stag Heads found at Graham and Green

Found at Urban Outfitters for $98

Thursday, October 20, 2011

a church becomes a home

Once a Church, now a stunning white home. High ceilings, dark wood floors and minimal accents complete this Swedish house.

Stacked wood acts as a changing accent around your fireplace. 

Winding stairs are an art piece on its own.

Nearly naked pendent lighting over the island in the kitchen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

headboard in a small space


This "sticker" headboard is a real space saver. Create an updated look to your bedroom with this bold black background. 

Jazz up your dorm room at College!

Found at Urban Outfitters for only $55!


Easiest to apply with two people.

Friday, October 7, 2011

canopy bedroom

Just when you thought your ceiling was perfect ... along came some fabric.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

the grand office

If I were to ever have an office, this is what I would imagine it to be like. Stunning industrial windows, sky high ceilings and walls of a mixture of artwork. Mixing and matching different colour, size and shaped frames is such a piece of art. Leather furniture and rich wood is so classic and timeless. Everything in this room goes perfectly.

Photography by Martyn Thompson

When designing your own office, do what works for you. This is a place of beginnings for wonderful things to come. Feel comfortable and relaxed.


Keep to leathers and earth tones and don't be afraid to use a pop of orange.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

brooklyn brownstone en suite

Step into the en suite of this 1890 Brooklyn Brownstone home. Its brass painted fixtures compliment the herringbone flooring and the beautiful contrast between light and dark create this elegant room. Don't be afraid to have dark colours in a bathroom - if you keep it simple it will always be tasteful.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

grazie, paris

Influences of Lower East Side New York, this industrial pizzeria located in Paris, France is a place to visit. Always busy with beautiful dark decor - this is a happening spot. The Travel Files is a great place to browse for restaurants and places of interest while traveling. Search all over the world for the perfect place to spend time on your vacation.

Windows that open up onto the street give a welcoming feeling to people passing by.

Tall ceilings with industrial windows - my favourite!

Each pizza is beautifully crafted.

DIY a place for your keys

Create your own key hook with your choice of nails, a piece of wood and a large unique antique key. 

Antique markets always have buckets of rustic nails that would be perfect for this. Find a weathered piece of wood from the side of an old barn or a plank an antique dealer may have hiding around in their space. Antique dealers are always coming across aged doors so ask them to keep their eye out for you if they come across a large vintage key.

This piece can be used in a country or rustic and industrial home. Switch from and antique piece to something more to your liking to fit your home's decor. 

- As my mother always says, "Everything should have a home." -

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xo sara

for the love of frames and shelving

17 foot high walls and wide open ceilings was the blank canvas for Descience Laboratories in this Lower East Side New York loft. Featured in Architectural Digest in the October 2011 issue, feast your eyes on the at-home-library of the one of a kind fashion photographer duo, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Their out of body and out and mind thinking has created a home for their own.

A mixture of frames in a variety sizes and colours accents a wall to be its own masterpiece. 

Leave some open space for personal artwork.

The stunning and gigantic windows are perfectly framed with custom shelving holding books.

xo sara

DIY dip me in paint

Mix and match paint and wood to combine a unique finish. Dipping stools into paint is a cheap and easy way to create an accent to your dining room piece. To add a little more comfort to your behind, accent the room with colourful seat cushions.


xo sara

Monday, October 3, 2011

a house for two

This simplistic home has no electricity but has all the charm in the world. Located on the Eastern Coast of Uruguay, nested in the dunes, the monochromatic exterior beautifully compliments the unique interior.

While browsing through Style Files, I came across this gem . . .

White, white and more white. Lots of breezy windows. Keep it simple.